Inflating an Air Mattress Bed

There are several ways to inflate a queen air mattress. You can inflate an air mattress with an electric driven air pump or a manual air pump. Of course you also inflates it without using any equipment but would almost always considering the effort it would take and how long they can keep that effort.

electric air pumps and manual air pumps for air mattress beds has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the application. electric air pumps may not always be the best choice when considering factors relating to the use of your air mattress.

Consider, for example if you are in camping spree and bring along your mat or air mattress bed air mattress. Camping almost guarantees that there is no electricity in the area, unless of course if you are camping in your backyard. The best air pump to consider in this situation is a manual air pump for your mattress.

Mattress types manual air pumps:

1. hand operated

2. Foot operated

Both types require for ‘push and pull’ or ‘Press and release’ depending on the design. Air are designed they are able to push the air in the air mattress in both directions, so that would be a better choice because every time you push, inflate your mattress and each pull, also inflate your mattress.

electric air pumps for air mattresses:

If your mattress is permanently in your home or if you have a camping mattress and use it only when you are near your car, an electric pump air cushion can come in very handy and convenient.

Some electric air pumps come with a rechargeable battery so that when there is a power failure, can still be used to inflate your air mattress bed. These models can also be connected to the cigarette lighter of your car, a very good option when you often outdoors with your air mattress bed.

How long it takes to inflate a queen size air mattress it depends on several factors. One of which is the size of the bed mattress or mat. The other is the capacity of the electric air pump as to how many cubic feet of air per minute can generate. Check the specification of the electric air pump to this value. The higher the value, the faster would have the airbag to inflate.

For example if you have a twin mattress size 39 “X 74” with a height of 8 “, you can calculate the amount of time it takes to inflate the air mattress by multiplying these figures then dividing by 144 to calculate the volume of the mattress air in cubic feet. If your electric air pump can inflate your air mattress with 18 cubic feet per minute, simply divide the volume of the mattress with the capacity of the pump. in this example, it would be ((39 X 74 X 8) / 144) / 18 = 8.9 minutes to fill what size air mattress. Mouse airbag can inflate faster because its height can be less than 2 inches. Other electric air pump can inflate mattresses 27 cubic feet of air per minute which gives a faster inflation time.

The actual time it would inflate a mattress with an electric pump is much faster as air mattresses are not all hollow interior. No interior compartments designed to give maximum comfort in your sleep so the actual volume of air required to inflate the mattress is less volume of material into the air. Generally they can be inflated air mattresses in a minute or two.

Purchase air pumps for your mattress, choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Inflating an Air Mattress Bed

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